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Col 2:6-7

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him,  rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

Mission + New building project

People of Grace Christian School


With  a school population of 315 (194 from kindergarten to grade school and  120 in high school), People of Grace Christian School is bursting at its  seams. It is not only growing in number, but the school is making an  impact on the personal lives and families of its students.

However, there is an urgency in the need for a new building. The main  auditorium used for sports and school activities had to be shut down for  safety reasons. As a result, class schedules are affected and renting  other spaces is needed for PE classes and major gatherings that  involve the entire school. 

Likewise, there is constant difficulty with students who transferred in  from public schools. Many struggle with math and reading, requiring us  to hire more staff in order to help the students reach  their supposed level in these subjects. We also have an increasing  number of special needs students.

With more maintenance needed and an increase to 45 facility and staff members, school expenses have significantly increased.  Classroom dividers are opened for a parenting seminar and update on the school building situation.                   

The staff of People of Grace Christian School have not only weathered  many storms. Despite a small compensation, they continue to serve  faithfully and rise above storms to help build lives and give purpose to  the young.

Let us support them in their hard work and let us invest in the future!

Buena Tupe 

Quezon City, Philippine


Credential Renewal

Renewal Information

PLEASE REMEMBER: That you are responsible for keeping your email and address current with us.

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: After 3 years of no communication, we will resume you're no longer interested and removed from our credentials files. Unfortunately you will not be able to renew it, we are no longer taking new applications.

All are required to come to at least one Land and Sea meeting per year if you live within 100 miles of our meetings. Those outside of 100 miles are to send in a yearly report of your ministries. If not active in ministries at that time, please let us know which church you are tending and that you would like to keep your credentials current. Some older credentials and missionaries working on foreign fields are exempted from fund requirements.

All reports and the $35.00 for credentials renewal is needed by September 31 of the renewal year.

Credentials members are always welcome to speak at our meetings, please let us know which meeting is convenience for you. 

All corresponding send to: 

Land and Sea Missions of God 


PO Box 2687 

Vacaville, CA 95696-2687 


Jesus called ordinary people to do extraordinary things!
Let’s us move mountains together! Mark 11:22-23

Ron Woodruff President

Richard Bulger Treasurer


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